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Our farm is located 40 km north of Quito, in the parish of El Quinche. This is at an altitude of 2,385 m.s. and we have an average temperature of 22 ° C. Since September 2018, we have a new farm of 19 hectares in which we will plant more Gypsophila and other varieties of flowers.

Our Production process


After 14 weeks of growth the plants attain a height between 0.90cm to 1,20cm. The flower in this time matures and starts its opening process for harvest. This flower is harvested in a close point, in order to be collected and taken to the postharvest for its final opening process, classification and shipping.


The Flower enters from the field and starts its opening process under controlled conditions. This time can be between 7 to 9 days. With sunnier days the flower opens faster, with colder days the flower opens slower. For Europe the opening of the flower is between 80 % to 90%; for United States and Canada the opening is between 70% and 75 %. The flower is classified by its opening, length of the stem and weight of the bunch. Finally, the flower enters to the cold room for 12 hours to begin the cold chain for the trip to final destination.


To produce the best fresh cut flowers of Gypsophila, Offering to our customers the highest quality in our products and a consistent service throughout the year. THUS Contributing to economic and social development, giving job stability to our employees, and always caring and working for environmental conservation.


Through our years of experience we have committed a be a company in constant change and growth , generate profits fourth of our employees and Country , to be a company leader in the production and export of fresh cut flowers Gypsohila on the world market , strengthening Our Commercial relationships with our customers and to be their strategic partners.